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For Xavier athletic events, cameras without flash are permitted. Cameras with professional scopes and/or lenses are prohibited without prior approval or media credentials. During select special events (such as concerts) all cameras may be prohibited.

At events where cameras are allowed, guests are not permitted to stand in aisles or obstruct the view of others while taking pictures. Tripods may be used as long as they are away from the seating areas and do not obstruct the view and/or path of other guests.

As a general rule, video recording is prohibited inside the Cintas Center. Exceptions may be made during select events such as high school graduations. Special arrangements for video taping require prior Cintas Center approval. Guests are encouraged to call the Cintas Center offices at 513-745-3900 or email them at cintascenter@xavier.edu for video recording guidelines.

Car Trouble

If you are locked out or need a jump start after an event, the Xavier University campus police can help. Contact a guest services representative or campus police officer for assistance. Campus police can be reached at 513-745-2000.


Chartwells is the exclusive concessions and catering provider at the Cintas Center. In addition to providing the standard arena fare such as hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and nachos, Chartwells handles campus dining services and catering for all special events, banquets and conferences at the Cintas Center.

Cintas Center concession stands are staffed by non-profit organizations for fundraising opportunities. If your group is interested in staffing a concession stand at a future Cintas Center event, please contact Rob Nusekabel, Chartwells Director of Concessions and Suites at 513-745-3945 or email at Robert.Nusekabel@compass-usa.com .

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