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  • Parking Spaces: The Cintas Center features 2,150 spaces around the building with another 1,200 spaces within a short walking distance.
  • Accessible Parking: Parking is available to guests with disabilities with the appropriate hangtag or license plate on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are 30 marked spaces in the lots surrounding the Cintas Center. Additionally, for all medium and major events, an additional 30-100 spaces are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These additional spaces are close to the main (south) entrance and do not involve stairs for access to the building. These spaces are clearly marked with signage that has the international disability symbol and the phrase “event only.”
  • Maps: For additional information, please refer to the parking maps at www.cintascenter.com or see a guest services representative.
  • Parking Fees: There are parking fee associated with certain events at the Cintas Center. The amount varies based on the event occurring.
  • Permits: On men’s basketball game days, all Cintas Center on-site parking is by permit only. Free, non-permit parking is available at any of the nearby off-site lots. For all smaller events, Cintas Center lots are available to all event attendees on a non-permit, first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Limousines: and buses Limousines and buses should drop off and pick up at the main (south) entrance. Parking attendants will then direct limo and bus drives to parking spaces (if available).

Petitions, leaflets and soliciting

Distribution of leaflets, brochures or advertising material requires prior approval by the Cintas Center director. Those involved in solicitation without consent of the Cintas Center may be escorted off campus.

Premium seating/ticketing for Xavier Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball Seating Chart

Season Ticket Pricing (NOTE: Many locations require a per-seat premium in addition to the season ticket cost.)

  • Courtside: $1,250
  • Living Room Seats at the Joseph Club: $750
  • The Front Line: $650
  • The Lookout: $550
  • Lower Level Green/Orange: $550
  • Lower Level Yellow: $500
  • Upper Level Side (sections 207-216): $425
  • Upper Level Corner (sections 203-206): $300
  • Upper Level End (sections 200-202): $225

Information on premium seating can be obtained by calling (513) 745-3411 ext. 7 or tickets@xavier.edu .

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